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This is an on demand recirculation system so you trigger the system to turn on. You can activate the system with any combination of hardwired and wireless push button or activators.


The AutoHot System comes with a pump, a controller, and one hardwired push button. If you order a model number with a “-USK” that is the undersink kit. See below for the parts included in the under sink kit.

The under sink kit “-USK” comes with everything you need to install the system under the sink. It includes 2 brass tees, 2 flex lines, and 2 flanges.

If you have a dedicated return line, then you would install the system near the water heater on the return line. (usually if you have a dedicated return line you may have a an inefficient pump already on it that you would replace or attach the controller to). If you don’t have a return line, you will install the system under the sink of the furthest fixture in order to pull hot water through the house. Make sure to order a model number with “-USK” and have a power outlet in the location where it will be installed.

A handy person can install the system, it takes about 1 hour, but we recommend you have a local plumber install it. The manufacturer has great phone support and are reachable for you to go over installation or have your plumber call. (866-495-2734).

You can have ten wireless activators per receiver, in any combination of motion and push button wireless sensors.

Manufacturer phone support lines are available M-F at 866-495-2734. The most common pump is the 55 pump (get a model number with a 55 in it). If you have a large house, above 4000 sq. ft and a tank type water heater, then you will want the bigger 99 series pump (get a model number with “99” in it). If you have a tankless water heater in a medium or above house, above 2200 sq ft, then you might want a bigger 99 pump in this scenario too. If you already have a pump, get the model with “000” which is a controller with no pump. These are general rules of thumb, call manufacturer support if you are unsure.

You can barely hear the system when it’s on. You may hear a low hum if you are standing in front of the unit.

Most houses you only need 1 system at the far end of the house from the water heater, whereby getting hot water to that point will get hot water close to all the other fixtures.

Yes, it works great with tankless water heaters. The AutoHot when activated will also fire up tankless water heater. The best part is a on demand recirc system like the AutoHot will not void or reduce the warranty on the tankless water heater, but other recirculation systems may.

This depends on how far away and the size of the pipe and pump. In general expect hot water in between 10 and 30 seconds.

Studies have shown that the on demand recirculation system saves 12,000 gallons per year.

If you didn’t already have the pump, the AutoHot runs so little (a couple minutes per day), it will only cost about $1 per year to operate in electricity. If you are replacing your pump, with an AutoHot system you will save a lot of electricity when compared to the pump before.

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